Dear Fresher Self…

Dear First Year Jess,

Hello Jess, this is your grown up self talking so pay attention!!! University will be both terrifying and brilliant- there will be moments when you want to scream and times when you regret that it’s reaching an end; especially when you’re walking across the stage at your graduation with the proudest smile on your face. That’s a long way off yet, or at least that’s how it seems now- the time does go fast!

As a shy and quiet recluse, the idea of Fresher’s Week will be terrifying you! Don’t panic! It’s a time to do what you want, to try new things and to meet new people. Try everything, if you don’t like it then you know and don’t have to do it again. Try clubbing, you won’t like it, but it’s pretty amusing to look back on and you will enjoy spending time with people- even if you think the music is bad! And don’t worry about looking like an idiot in various costumes, you will actually rather enjoy it!! Over the next week you will dress up as a pirate, in a toga, cat woman and over the next couple of years you will also appear as Marie Antoinette, yet another pirate, and Red Riding Hood. Why do you always dress up as a pirate when someone says costume!?

Make your room your own! It’s going to be your home for a year so fill it with cushions, rugs, posters! It’s your space, so don’t be afraid to go mad with decoration! You will feel more comfortable if you make it yours and not just a room (and everyone will want to live in your room because yours is the most comfortable).  Buy a doorstop as well, you will need it. You will end up being the only person not locked out of your bedroom because you’ve left your keys behind because of the doorstop and you will shake your head at every single person who gets locked out of their room after having a shower- it happens a lot!

My First Year Bedroom

And don’t forget the chocolate! It is the best way to get to know your housemates, the people who will see you when sick, when you’re drunk and when you’re not in the best of moods! You will sit around piles of chocolate and get to know one another! Always pick a box with a variety of flavours!

University is an experience that is like no other. It’s the only place where you will find it totally normal to have pepperoni stuck to the ceiling (don’t ask), someone playing an electrical drum kit at stupid o’clock in the morning because it’s funny to see the confused faces of your fellow students and the only time it’s totally normal to avoid touching the kitchen floor because it’s covered in cider so you climb over chairs. It’s mad, unhygienic but wonderful and the only time it’s acceptable to live like that!

Cider before it hit the floor…

Good luck and enjoy, first year is a fantastic experience! Also enjoy it, because this year, the grades don’t count!!!

Your Graduated Self.

Jessica, BA (Hons) History

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