Super Duper Family Organisation Attempt 1.


I went back to work after materniy leave on Monday… First few days have gone well so far, and Ivy has been having great fun at nursery. I had a spontaneous crying sessions when I got back in the car after dropping her off for the first time; she was characteristically unfussed!

With me working, and by the end of September hopefully attending my MA course (using hopefully until the timetables are out and I can properly panic about how little time I will have for anything), baby going to nursery some of the time, husband working and finishing his accounting course I thought we might need some visual help with working out where everyone is.


Ta-da! The highly sophisticated solution of a whiteboard, tarted up with washi tape.

My masterful design of a column for each of us with a corresponding Monday to Sunday cross referencing system will ensure maximum knowledge of who is doing what and where and when. As long as we remember to update it. It’s going on the wall in front of the stairs so when descending in a stupor in the morning it can’t be avoided. When I inevitably trip over the dog or my foot it may also prove a satisfactory crash pad.


Baby approves!

What’s the betting that it stays leant on the floor beneath where it’s meant to be hung for the next couple of months? Pretty high I’d imagine.


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